Sea of Azov

The Sea of Azov is connected to the Black Sea by the Strait of Kerch to the south and it is surrounded by Russia on the east, by Ukraine on the north and by the Crimean peninsula on the west.


The sea covers an area of about 37,555 square kilometres (14,500 sq mi) and it is 340 kilometers (210 mi) long and 135 kilometers (84 mi) wide. The rivers Don and Kuban are the major rivers drains into the Sea. These guarantee that the sea waters have low salinity and are fresh. The Sea is the world's shallowest sea and the average depth is about 13 metres (43 ft) and greatest depth is 15.3 metres (50 ft);

The shallowness and less salinity property of the sea make it to freeze up during winter. Sea ice is will form provisionally at any time from late December to mid-March.

Fauna: The Sea is a great habitat of many marine lives, with over 80 fish and 300 invertebrate species.

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