Types Of Oceans

An ocean is a major body of Seawater (salt water)The Earth's oceans cover approximately 71% of the Earth's surface, 361,000,000 square kilometers (139,000,000 sq mi), and can be as deep as of 10,923 meters (6.787 mi)

Earth's Oceans (World Ocean):

Bodies of Water and Their Sizes


Rank Body of Water Square Miles (Square Kilometres)
1 Pacific Ocean 64,196,000 sq mi (166,266,877 km)
2 Atlantic Ocean 33,400,000sq mi (86,505,603km)
3 Indian Ocean 28,400,000sqmi (73,555,662km)
4 Arctic Ocean 5,100,000sqmi (13,208,939km)
5 Arabian Sea 1,491,000sqmi (3,861,672km)
6 South China Sea 1,148,000sqmi (2,973,306km)
7 Caribbean Sea 971,000sqmi (2,514,878km)
8 Mediterranean Sea 969,000sqmi (2,509,698km)
9 Bering Sea 873,000sqmi (2,261,060km)
10 Bay of Bengal 838,612sqmi (2,171,995km)
11 Gulf of Mexico 582,000sqmi (1,507,373km)
12 Sea of Okhotsk 537,000sqmi (1,390,824km)
13 Sea of Japan 391,000sqmi (1,012,685km)
14 Hudson Bay 282,000sqmi (730,377km)
15 East China Sea 257,000sqmi (665,627km)
16 Andaman Sea 218,100sqmi (564,876km)
17 Red Sea 175,000sqmi (453,248km)
18 Black Sea 168,500sqmi (436,413km)
19 North Sea 165,000sqmi (427,348km)
20 Baltic Sea 147,000sqmi (380,728km)
21 Yellow Sea 113,500sqmi (293,964km)
22 Persian Gulf 88,800sqmi (229,991km)
23 Gulf of California 59,000sqmi (152,809km)