Argentine Sea

The Argentine Sea lies within the continental ledge of the Argentine mainland. It is a part of Atlantic Ocean lies in the south of the Atlantic Ocean off the southeastern coast of Argentina, widening from the estimated latitude of Montevideo, Uruguay, southward to Tierra del Fuego. It is located about 500 miles (800 km) north of Antarctica.

Argentine sea coast


The Argentine Sea covers a surface of about 386,102 sq. mi. (1,000,000 kmĀ²) and the average depth is about 3,952 feet (1,205 m) and the maximum depth is 7,296 feet (2,224 m). It is one of the largest seas in the world. The Argentine Sea gradually widens through southward, in contrast with the narrowing of the continental mass. The Falkland Islands are located inside the platform of the Argentine Sea.

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