Underwater Hand instead of lobster for “ADS”

Frivolous scuba enthusiasts stay above depths of approximately 30 ms, for 100 meters divers using helium mixture. Atmospheric Dive Suit (ADS) is a human-shape submarine, which is protected from water pressure by a hard scale and it make easy for a diver to reach the ocean floor. In 19th century, ADSs has become more complicated regarding doubts on the first clunky attempts. Rather than man power, they still have prehensors called lobster like claws; the human hand has been unacceptable to assert under the tremendous pressures of the inscrutable.

Bhargav Gajjar (Vishwa Robotics in Brighton, Massachusetts) demonstrated an underwater hand instead of prehensors for ADSs, developed for the US Navy. It has a thumb and two fingers, which can run in three dimensions of space and curls upwards and also rotates from a level to a grasping attitude.

Gajjar stated that “Four fingers would not add significantly to the device’s adroitness; in many typical motions, three of the fingers on our hands tend to act in unanimity.

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