Underwater-Gorgonocephalus caputmedusae- Basket star

Gorgonocephalus caputmedusae

Domain: Eukarya
Species: Eucnemis
Class: Ophiuroidea
Suborder: Euryalina
Family: Gorgonocephalidae

A genus of basket star is gorgonocephalus, these are found in cold water like Antarctic, Arctic and deep-sea habitats. Basket stars are the largest overheads with measuring up to 70 cm in arms- length with a disk diameter of 14 cm. They have characteristic many branched arms and mouth on their underside. It is covered by a fleshy layer of skin, which gives the appearance of rubbery; arms are covered with small hooks and spines which hold the prey. They hide underneath the sponge or live on canals or Ostia (openings in sponges). They may feed on detritus, filter-feed on small organisms such as plankton and small mollusks.

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