Underwater Firefly squid- Sparkling

Family: Enoploteuthidae
Size: Nearly 7.6 cm
Found: Western Pacific Ocean
Depth: 600-1200 ft (183-366 m)
Diet: Small fishes
Life span: One year

Another name for firefly squid is sparkling enope squid. They have more than one tentacle and each tentacle has a light-producing organ called photophore, nearly 1000 of tiny photophores can be found throughout the squid’s body as well as around the eye, granting it the power to emit light along its full course. These light shows are considered to serve various purposes, they tin be employed to put across with potential mates or competitors. To get away from the predators they use to disguise the squid’s shape.


By blinking the lights on and off, they can attract small fish and then jump on them with their powerful tentacles. In daytime, they spend at depth of 1000 ft and coming back to the surface when night comes, to search for food. The breeding season of the firefly squid runs from March to May, during this time, the squid can be seen assembling in big numbers in Toyama Bay in Japan. They pile up here by the millions or billions (sometimes), to lay their eggs. Once the eggs have been liberated into the water and fertilized, adult squid begins to die (completes the one year life cycle).

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