Unbalanced makes the migrants ended underwater-Libya

Mohammad Abdellatif said “More than 250 migrants may have passed when a boat slid down a kilometer off the Libyan coast”

“We think there are still more than 250 bodies trapped underwater. When we went underwater, we learned that the boat is a heap larger than we imagined.” said by Abdellatif is a Libyan coast guard.

On Friday east of the capital Tripoli to Italy, the boat went down on Mediterranean Sea. Thousands of migrants, mostly from sub-Saharan Africa, have crowded into unbalanced vessels in recent months in an endeavor to reach Italian shores.

Italian government said that the entire figure of people reached is 100,000. Libya is a major exit point for this journey and human traffickers are exploiting the political chaos and anarchy that has plagued the country since Moammar Gadhafi was toppled in an insurrection in 2011.

“Most of the bodies washed on the shores are still at that place because we don’t receive any resources to affect them, we contacted everyone, the health ministry and the Red Cross, but no ace came to serve.” said by Mohammad Abdellatif.

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