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New Species of yeti crab found near volcanic vents

An unknown species of yeti crab “lost world” is found in the oceans of Antarctica near hot, hydrothermal vent along with strange albino octopus. Robot Submersible with cameras found a new deep sea creatures like crabs, barnacles, sea anemones and an octopus.

These groups are livelihood approximately volcanic vents profound under the southern ocean, where hotness can arrive at 382C. Hydrothermal vents with sustaining minerals are found to be the living place of these unknown species of the deep sea.

Unknown species get their energy from the chemicals such as hydrogen sulphide instead of getting energy from the sunlight.  “The first survey of these particular vents, in the Southern Ocean near Antarctica, has revealed a hot, dark, ‘lost world’ in which whole communities of previously unknown marine organisms thrive.” A strange pale-colored octopus, as so far nameless, was also found almost 2,400 meters profound on the sea bed.

Do whales suffer from the bends like human divers?

orca-whaleResearches had found that  whale also can suffer from the bends like human divers. This sickness happens because of rapid reach to the surface while they are diving and origins by nitrogen bubbles appearance in the bloodstream move as of insistent underwater surroundings. This disease causes pain, skin rashes and even it leads to death in whales.

The scientist also had found extreme human sound such as revelation to armed forces might confuse whales and seals and directing to them losing their normal protection tendency against the disease. The sign to ‘the bends’ captivating grasp is the form of bubbles in the bodies of oceanic mammals. Bubbles are rooted by force raises in nitrogen intensities in the blood and body cells, chased by reduce pressure that sources nitrogen to approach away as bubbles. Sudden noise may cause serious illness or injury during the diving of oceanic mammals.