Tag: Lemon Shark


Lemon sharks attract most of the people due to their color. They initially belief to be all alone but some or other they form two or three groups. They attack people from time to time. There have only been 22 reported lemon shark attacks on humans with each person surviving. They have a fascinating sensor in their nose that allows them to attract quarry and to find others to mate with. They depend on this sense of aroma because they have very meager perception. Without that sensor they would have a very rigid time surviving.lemon-shark

Food Source:

Lemon sharks nourish on various types of fish that are originate in the waters. Mainly the small prey those aren’t competent to put up much of a battle. They sometimes feed on small sharks as well. When meat can’t be voluntarily found the lemon shark will even end up feeding on mollusks and crustaceans. They don’t require a large volume of food due to their small size so they can go quite a while without feeding.

Reproduction Method:

The males and females will travel very long distances in order to find someone to mate with. Even if there are others in the area they tend to mate with those from a distance. Researchers aren’t sure what this means but they believe it with closely related males and females.

The lemon shark gives live birth to its young in the water. They may have a litter with four to about fourteen pups at a time. The females will voyage to very shallow waters before the origin occurs. This way the pups will have a good likelihood of existing. The mother will leave them as soon as they are untaught to concern for themselves.