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Starfish (sea stars) are beautiful sea nature that can be a variety of colors shapes and sizes, although all resemble a star. While some appear smooth, they all have spines covering their upper surface and a soft underside. If you gently turn over a live sea star, can see its tube feet wiggling back at you. These iconic Sea animals are fascinating creatures. While the five armed varieties of sea star are the most well known, not all sea stars have 5 arms. Some have many more. Take the sun star for instance, which has up to 40 arms.

The sun starfish has a manifestation like no other sea star. With up to 24 artillery also known as rays, this beautiful mortal habitually has the emergence of the sun or a sunflower. The leading of all starfish, specimens of over three feet in length include be found. These come in colors ranging in diverse hues of yellow and orange, brown, pink and purple. It has soft nevertheless thick skin that permits it to survive for several hours when left out of the sea water during high tide. Sun starfish are regularly found in the waters around the California shore, Alaska, British Columbia and Puget Sound.

Although all sea stars regenerate lost arms, it is recognized for redrawing vanished missiles or rays promptly and frequently. Since it is a voracious hunter, this killer is habitually losing arms when aggressive and killing its victim. The Sea Starfish has progress to rejuvenate its lost arms hurriedly for its endurance. It is not rare for sun starfish to be originated with arms of many different lengths as they are persistently being kaput off and regenerating.

The carnivorous sun starfish is a seeker that will track and pursue its prey. Unlike many of its more passive relatives, the sun star not only searches for, but it moves hastily when chasing prey. It can cover more than 40 edges in one minute. They have more than 15,000 small feet on the underside of its cadaver that help made the sea star a gripping echinoderm. Once the prey is caught, the aggressive sun starfish has a firm grip that makes avoidance virtually unattainable. They devour its prey as quickly as it sees it.

Numerous other Sea creatures are prey of the sun starfish. Whether rapid moving in the course of the water or still along the ocean flooring, this rapacious sea star is good at finding and contagious a variety of sea life. Cockles, abalones, sea cucumbers, urchins, sea snails, clams, crabs and constant squid are all Sea animals that the sun starfish hunts, catches and eats as its expected prey. Whilst live animals cannot be found, the sun starfish will also eat quiet fish.


The Deep sea octopus is considered as an alien of deep sea waters. The octopus has lived side by side with humankind from our earliest days. An octopus is most weird and it has lot of traits compared to human. It has eight arms which help to move to its destination, Enormous eyes which targets the prey, soft boneless body which helps to escape from sailors easily. When it is attacked and putted in a tank, it tries to escape not from sailors but to target the prey in other tank. One of the most complex creatures in deep sea water is “Octopus”.

The octopus lucratively opens a screw top jar to get to its prey. A screw top jar is unlike anything that it would encounter in the wild the octopus has used cognitive reasoning, not impulse, to catch its well-merited lunch. It’s hard to judge that this animal is simply a mollusk. As far as his ancestor’s tree goes, the octopus is more closely correlated to an oyster or a snail than to any other species of animal. Off the coast of Vancouver Island, submarine divers are watched by a huge octopus, a ghost like sea creatures that lurks until it feels it’s safe to materialize and be seen.

It’s an eerie stumble upon. Marvelously, with all its powerful traits, the octopus has never become emperor of the sea. The female’s have very short life span. They give up everything, including their life, for their eggs. But this sad authenticity may also be the reason that octopuses have an innate intelligence.