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Single celled animal ‘Xenophyophores’ found in new depth

Xenophyophores, single celled animal have discovered recently in the western Pacific Ocean. It was found in the long depth of ocean and it has been previously noticed in the New Hebrides Trench, south-west Pacific Ocean, at a 7500 km depth.

In western Pacific Ocean it was observed in the depth of 10,600 km below the earth’s surface. These deep sea animals are often ranges in size from 10cm in diameter. These animals contain variety of species vary widely in their appearance, ranging from compressed disks to spheres, and from angular to frilly.

The one species of these animals contains many bough tubes which is located below the earth. Xenophyophores can live in extreme cold and high pressure of ocean trench life, but are breakable and its hardly impossible to bring back again to the surface. In some place of the ocean surface 2000 species have been found 100 square meters below the earth.