Sweden Tracks for Source of Foreign Underwater Activity

Swedish armed forces said that on Friday it had employed military vessels, aircraft and personnel look for foreign underwater movement in the ocean in the Kanholmsfjärden region, granting to the visual observation by “credible source”, some are around 40 kms east of the Stockholm.

On Sunday, the Director Communication and Public Affairs of the Swedish Armed Force – Erik Lagersten said “At the moment we are leading an intelligence operation in the archipelago of Stockholm with ocular investigation as well as with naval vessels equipped with qualified underwater sensors” and also added “The procedure is conducted in parliamentary procedure for the Armed Forces to make if there are or has been foreign underwater activities in the region.”

The armed forces said on Sunday that it was not in a place to reject or verify media news or speculations lately published about a missing foreign submarine. Russian authorities stated that no Russian vessel was in difficulty, and that the country’s navy vessels were taking out their projects according to design.

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