Reducing the human risk – an unnamed underwater vehicle called Robot Shark

An unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) called “Ghost Swimmer” invented by U.S. Navy, which looks and moves like a shark. This mission weighted up to 100 pounds, 5 feet long and can reach up to 300 feet depth; speed of the vehicle is nearly 30mph. This device is used to collect the weather data underwater and transmitted in the real time operation.

Michael Rufo, director of the Advanced Systems Group at Boston Engineering and also designed that vehicle, said “It swims just like a normal fish does by oscillating its tail fin back and forth,” he also added “Ghost Swimmer will allow the Navy to have success during more types of missions while keeping divers and Sailors safe.”


The robot shark uses its tail for moving forward and pectoral and dorsal fins also present like a real fish. This vehicle controlled by remote via a 500 ft tether.

In a succession of Navy projects that bring science invention to life. Reducing the human risk is the key for the mission.

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