Most surprising ability of deep sea fish

The Latern fish is a deep sea fish which has the different characteristic of producing light in its body. This light is produced by small organ called as photophores. This organ gives off light due to the chemical process present in it. The photophores organs lie in the fish’s head, bottom and tail. This different organ is used for latern fish to attract and feed the small fishes. 200 variety species of this fishes are found in the deep sea. The females discharge their eggs into the water column as a group where they are then fertilized outwardly by the males. Depending on the species, between 100 and 2,000 eggs are discharged by each fish.

They spend the day in the deep ocean but come close to the surface at night in search of food. They do this to go after the similar migrations of plankton, which serve as their primary food source. It is thought that these migrations may also serve to help the lantern fish avoid predation. By returning to the deep sea during the day, they avoid many of the large predators in the shallower seas. At shallower depths, lantern fish provide an important food source to a number of organisms including whales, dolphins, tuna, sharks, seals, squid, and sea birds.

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