List of All Whales in the World

Whales are two types one is called Baleen whales, where as another called Toothed whales.

Baleen whales or Toothless whales

Baleen whales are larger in size compared with toothed whales. Size of female whales is bigger compared with males. Diet for baleen whales is plankton and small fishes. They’re spread out their mouth and takes in enormous quantities of water. When the mouth is shut, they wring the water out through the blowholes (two blowholes on the top of their head).

Bowhead whale Northern right whale Southern right whale
Pygmy right whale Gray whale Humpback whale
Common minke whale Dwarf minke whale Antarctic minke whale
Bryde’s whale Omura’s whale Sei whale
Fin whale Blue whale Antarctic blue whale
Pygmy blue whale

Toothed whales

Size of male whales is bigger compared with females. Compared with baleen whales, these whales have only one blowhole on the top of their head. Diet for toothed whales is fish, seals and sea lions.

Sperm whale Narwhal Whale Orca killer whale
Beluga whale Dwarf sperm whale Pygmy sperm whale
Cuvier’s beaked whale Shepherd’s beaked whale Longman’s beaked whale
Arnoux’s beaked whale Blainville’s Beaked whale Andrew’s beaked whale
Hubb’s Beaked whale Perrin’s beaked whale Short-finned pilot whale
Sowerby’s beaked whale Gervais’ beaked whale Ginkgo toothed beaked whale
Straptoothed whale Gray’s beaked whale False killer whale
Pygmy killer whale Northern bottlenose whale Southern bottlenose whale
Hector’s beaked whale True’s beaked whale Peruvian beaked whale
Long-finned pilot whale Melon-headed whale Spade-toothed whale
Stejneger’s beaked whale Baird’s beaked whale

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