King Crabs in Deep sea climbing to Antarctic Peninsula’s continent

Three-feet-wide red monsters that consume everything in their path — have invaded Antarctica. It’s similar to a view out of a sci-fi movie — thousands, perhaps millions, of king crabs are marching through icy, deep-sea waters and up the Antarctic incline.

“They are pending from the deep, somewhere between 6,000 to 9,000 feet down,”

The crabs live on starfish and sea urchins, and the majority of these animals are at the present gone.A pic (see below) taken by a remotely operate submersible shows that the crabs have previously occupied a basin in the Antarctic Peninsula’s continental shelf. The Pic footage also shows that the crabs “prod, gash and puncture” the sediment, changing natural process such as how organic matter is hidden. Researcher’s approximation there is a population of more than one million crabs in an undersea basin off the Antarctic Peninsula called the Palmer Deep.

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