How many types of parrotfish are present underwater

Mostly they look beautiful, which have different species with different colors and also gender. With the help of pectoral fins they swim and a burst of velocity they use tail. To extract polyps and algae from stone and coral they use beaks, while scraping food from the rocks, a bunch of limestone is also exhausted.

  • Blue
  • Stoplight (Initial Phase)
  • Stoplight (Terminal Phase)
  • Stoplight (Juvenile)
  • Queen (Initial Phase)
  • Queen (Terminal Phase)
  • Midnight
  • Rainbow (Initial Phase)
  • Rainbow (Terminal Phase)
  • Princess (Initial Phase)
  • Princess (Terminal Phase)
  • Princess (Juvenile)
  • Striped (Initial Phase)
  • Striped (Terminal Phase)
  • Redband (Initial phase)
  • Redband (Terminal Phase)
  • Redband (Juvenile)
  • Yellowtail (Initial Phase)
  • Yellowtail (Terminal Phase)
  • Redtail (Initial Phase)
  • Redtail (Terminal Phase)
  • Greenblotch (Initial Phase)
  • Greenblotch (Terminal Phase)

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