Fish in Shoals guide similar to Cabbies

Shoals of fish are clever to move and twist in faultless configuration by next simple policy that are like those used by car drivers.

The research, which builds on preceding work presentation that fish in big groups make better decision than persons or small groups, is report in this week’s Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

“Some of the most hard to believe sights in nature happen when animals form into groups and move together as if choreographed,”. Many theories have been put forward about how animals might converse in arrange to achieve this.

“But now we’re finding that it’s really, really simple,” . The researchers filmed groups of two, four or eight mosquito fish, Gambusia Holbrooki, in a square arena for five minutes, and studied the actions of persons in each group. The images of the swimming fish were fed into tracking software, which acts like many pairs of eyes to keep tabs on the way and speed of each fish in the school and how it responds to other fish around it.

The researchers used a method called artificial neural networks to look for patterns in the data.

“It turns out the astonishing coordinated swimming that fish in shoals exhibit is actually cause by each fish using very simple rules to respond to its neighbors,” said Herbert-Read.”These rules include: ‘accelerate towards a neighbor that is far away from you’ and slow down when a fellow citizen is right in front of you’.

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