Family Mourning – Khiem Nguyen Killed by a Sneaker Wave

A senior airman Khiem Nguyen was killed on Veteran’s Day after a wave swept him out to sea, makes his family mourning. “Nguyen was awarded “Outstanding Airman of the Year”,” said by his family. His friends and the loved ones especially his son Kian a 7-year-old are struggling to accept he’s gone.

Nguyen’s best friend Elizabeth Cunningham and Kian’s mother spoken with sadly “For Kian not to have his father around is really hard and for me not to have my best friend is also difficult.” The accident happened, while fishing with friends in a warning area and he was hit by a sneaker wave at Soberanes Point near Big Sur. After hitting the wave Nguyen disappeared and finally next day his body was appeared near seashore.

Khiem Nguyen was born in San Jose and raised in Milpitas City located in California. He worked full-time for the California Air National Guard. He was fervent to serve his country and also passionate to his community. Nguyen father Austin Nguyen said “It’s very difficult to think how to describe him,” and also added “I can say I’m so proud of my son.”

Khiem Nguyen had fished, where warning signs alerting visitors of sneaker waves and tear currents are posted. Cunningham says that “If you don’t respect the ocean it can take you into the sorrow,” and also added “It sounds so ridiculous because everyone says but a human could be gone at any time and you just think it’s never going to be you.”

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