Does deep sea creatures “Lung Fish” can walk?

Latest research found out that African lungfish has the ability to walk with their fins under the water. Generally these types of fish don’t have the feet but the behavior of this fish gave surprise to every researchers. This deep sea fishes was kept at lab in the glass tanks, on observing its movement under the water they also made the studies on the land surface and researches found that Lung fish of this type can walk with their pelvic fins.

Lungfish and other so-called lobe-finned fishes are supposed to be close livelihood relations of the first known tetra pods-four-limbed animals with backbones. This study tells us that walking behaviors are not elite to tetra pods in that period and proposes that the evolutionary way to land on foot began with their finny ancestors. The result further propose that relic paths before accredited to near the beginning land tetra pods with feet or at least toe like digits may instead have been left by lobe-finned fishes touching along the waterbed.

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