Christmas Earth Worms- tube-building polychaete worms

Family: Serpulidae
Found: Coral skeleton or Coral reefs
Size: Maximum – 1″
Temperature: 22.34° C-28.43° C
Diet: Microscopic plants or Phytoplankton floating in the water
Species: At least 20

Another name for Spirobranchus giganteus is Christmas tree worms are the tube-building polychaete worms. Its crown comes in a mixture of dissimilar colors, but is always matched. Normally, the crown is spiraled in the form of a Christmas tree. It bears an (top trap door) that covers its tube when it drew off its crown. The multicolored spirals are highly derived structures for feeding and breathing, they enshroud in the tunnels to protect from predatory animals. In that respects are often several Christmas Tree Worms in the same field, though there doesn’t live as a group. The difference between Christmas tree worms and fan worms is the latter do not possess any specialized body structures to stop up their tube holes when they move back into them.

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