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The amazing Sink or Swami Underwater Yoga by Scott Cole

Fitness specialist Scott Cole took a deep dive into yoga at a friend’s private California home last year to produce these gorgeous pictures.

Scott said, “I hit a yoga and Tai chi DVD there a couple of years ago and I perpetually wanted to go back there are trying to practice some yoga underwater.”


Scott and photographer Rusty Lane spent a few hours shooting various yoga poses or asana, through the pool’s screening window. Cole stated that, “It got around a minute or so to strike each side and keep it firm.

Scott says “Certain poses were made easier thanks to the water’s resilience. Others required more practice to put off floating upwards. When trying underwater lotus, make sure you can un-lotus rather swiftly.”

Scott Cole

He gave notice of an asana that requires crossing the legs and propping the feet onto of one’s thighs. “You don’t want your legs getting stuck in that situation while you’re submerged.”