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Aggressive Squid Attacks Underwater Sub

Two Greenpeace drivers were assaulted by a Giant squid; it was a couple of jumbo or Humboldt squids in the Bering Sea. These Giant squid was nearly 50 kg (100 pounds) and length is 1.9meters (6.2 feet), they are violent and aggressive towards humans.


Giant squids are mostly found between 660 to 2,330 feet beneath the surface, and float off the coasts of British Columbia all the way down to Chile.

Giant squid are not the biggest squid, even so. As per the reports from National Geographic, it grows up to 13 meters (43 feet) and weighed 275 kg (610 pounds). Other species called colossal squid grows up to 14 meters (46 feet) and weighed 495 kg (1,091 pounds).

These mollusks can change color from white to blood red when they’re furious, because of chromatophore that means color producing in their pelt. And the Greenpeace guys should consider themselves as fortunate, for these squid also swank tentacle suckers lined with sharp tiny teeth that can cause some severe harm.

Tiny crustaceans’ fish-spitting fireworks

Name: Ostracod
Family: Apogonidae
Found: Subtropical water around the world
Size: 1 millimeter-long (0.03 inches)
Diet: Plankton


Their protection is really nuanced. When an ostracod is pulled into the mouth of a cardinal fish, it immediately releases a chemical that combine to give off light called bioluminescent chemical. This chemical also turns makes the ingested easier to spot in the blackness of a nighttime sea, and so an easier meal. Most fish will shun eating the ostracods and their shining liquid, as it might attract even bigger, more perilous fish. The light warns predators to remain aside.