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World Record in Florida – Two Professors lived underwater for 73 days

Living 73 days underwater in Florida (Jules Undersea Lodge) is the world record taken by the professors Jessica Fain (25 yrs) and Bruce Cantrell (63 yrs).


In 1992, Richard Presley has taken the world record of underwater living 69 (May 6 – July 14) days in the same lodge of Jules’ Undersea Lodge.

In 1970, Dr. Sylvia Earle has taken the world record of underwater living 14 days, now Fain has taken this credit for female living underwater.

A Roane State Community College biology professor, Cantrell said after removing the mask “There is a sun,” and also added “I forgot all about that.”

An adjunct professor at the Tennessee school, Fain said “It’s warm!”

She said with a joy, “I really hope that people take away from this that the oceans are something that we need to protect. We need to learn more about the oceans and how they work.”

A 63 year-old Cantrell said, “Going in, we had goals that we wanted to accomplish. At the end of 73 days, I think we’ve exceeded those goals. We’ve reached a lot of people. Now the challenge for us is to carry that forward.”

Richard Presley said, “It’s exciting to see the focus more on learning and using technology to involve more students,” and he also added “We didn’t have that technology in ’92.” Later on he said “My son’s want to break y’alls record.”

Fain said “When you start hearing back from these students, and they’re telling you, ‘This is so cool’ and ‘What’s it like living underwater?’ you really feel like you are reaching your targets,” she also added “You feel like you are making a big difference in their lives. We brought a whole new world to some of these kids.”

Underwater Bench Presses – World Record Taken by Gerald Rioual

Retired professional swimmer Gerald Rioual challenged with his two young children that he could beat the record and staying true to his word.


He lifted a 110lb (50 kgs) barbell, 36 times in just 90 seconds without any aid from breathing equipment; he doesn’t put on a snorkel. Finally, he did- off the coast of the Caribbean island of Martinique.

Rioual said that “I got the idea that can defeat the record of underwater bench presses, when perusing the 2013 variant of the Guinness Book of World Records with his two new kids.”


Previously the underwater bench record was led by Marcello Paredi of Italy. He completed 20 repetitions in succession along the set of Lo Show de Record in Rome, Italy, on February 25, 2010.