Category: Underwater fishes

Pacific salmon- Red Sockeye Salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka)

Kingdom: Animalia
Family: Salmonidae
Found: North Pacific Ocean – Southwestern Alaska (Bristo Bay)
Size: 2.8 ft (84 cm)
Diet: Amphipods, small fishes, squid and copepods
Weight: Nearly 4 kg
Life Span: More than 5yrs
Other names: Red salmon or blueback salmon


One of the most common fish in Pacific salmon species is Sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka). Head and caudal fin colored with green and the body is red. Sockeye are blue tinged with ash gray (silver) in color while living in the sea. Dorsal, pelvic and anal fins are red in color, visible teeth.
Breeding mainly occurs in rivers such as Klamath River, Kuskokwim River in Alaska and Anadyr River in Japan, rare in the seas. Female’s spawn in 3 to 5 nests over a span of days and hatching takes place later than 6 to 9 weeks.

Deep Sea-Fastest fish in the world

1. Sailfish
Speed-110 km/hr (68 mph)
2. Marlin
Speed -80 km/hr (50 mph)
3. Wahoo
Speed -78 km/hr (48 mph)
4. Tunny
Speed -74 km/hr (46 mph)
5. Bluefin Tuna
Speed – 70 km/hr (44 mph)
6. Great blue Shark or Wolves of the sea
Speed -69km/hr (43 mph)
7. Bone fish or Banana fish
Speed -64 km/hr (40 mph)
8. Swordfish or Broadbill
Speed -64kmhr (40 mph)
9. Four-winged Flying fish or Blue and Silver Atlantic Flying Fish
Speed -56 km/hr (35 mph)
10. Tarpon
Speed -56km/hr (35 mph)