Category: Underwater Camera

Deep Sea Camera to Monitor Methane Seep and Hydrothermal Vent


Format: CCD (Charged Coupled Device) format.

Display: 2/3-inch, 1/2-inch and 1/3-inch.

Optics: Z10 HD lenses, High Definition resolution (1080 x 720 pixels), High Performance f/1.8, 10x tracking zoom. Z10 is able to focus the objects in 450mm from the lens. The motorized Z-10 HD lens is about half of the size and lighter (500g) than any other comparable zoom lenses.


Kongsberg Maritime cabled IP Digital Still Camera Stations (CAMDS) are being supplied to the provincial cabled observatory part of the Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI) program in the North East Pacific Ocean off the West Coast of the United States of America.


Planned for real-time imaging via the cabled observatory’s Internet connection, the regional CAMDS systems are being installed as a part of the OOI at methane seep and hydrothermal vent sites deep in the ocean where they will remain for one year. They will capture images of the developing vents and the bacterial and animal life that grows around them. All the mechanism in the CAMDS systems and the connectors are made of titanium, so the unit can be arranged at a depth of up to 3000 meters for up to a year without upholding. The entire payload is mounted onto a pan and tip unit so the user can point the camera at desired targets.

Waterproof Camera – Nano SeaCam

nano sea camera

Nano SeaCam is extremely modest in size, but it encompasses a great viewing area through a wide angle lens, designed lens allows about seven times lighter to enter the camera. This is low-light capability and high resolution camera. The diameter of a hard camera is 25mm and their length of 88.2mm with high resolution of 620 TVL, 0.04 Lux scene illumination and 72° diagonal field of view in the water. It produces excellent images.


  • Extremely small and Compact Camera
  • 620 TVL Resolutions
  • Operates in Air and Water
  • Wide Angle with CCD Reliability
  • Ultra Small & Compact Camera
  • Proprietary optics
  • Up to 12km Depth Rated