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Bahamas Photographer Elena Kalis – Captures Her Daughter’s Connection to the Sea

Elena Kalis was a famous photographer in underwater for many years. She planned to shoot a beautiful picture with her daughter Sacha Kalis. Kalis says that “thanks in part to her mother’s encouragement and in part to her own natural affinity to the water” and also added “learned to swim before she could walk”.

In concert, they create dreamlike, peaceful portraits that capture Sacha’s world beneath the moving ridges and her connection to all the sea animals that arrive at the waters of the Bahamas their home.


Elena stated in front of an interview that “The underwater world is dreamlike and clear and now a different world overall.” She says that “I experience a fusion of respect, fear, sensuality, and mystery, when shooting underwater and in the sea in particular.”

Elena cute daughter Sacha mirrors this sentiment when she traces her relationship with the “world below the waves.”  She has spoken about, “an environment where light, motion, and weightlessness create an amazing, surreal quality to images.”

Photographer and model, the images they create together have us yearning for the warm waters of the Bahamas and the satisfying feel of an underwater housing in our workforce.

Giant Female Atlas Sculpture – Incredible Underwater Art Garden

Artist                          :     Jason deCaires Taylor
Height of Atlas     :     18ft
Location                   :      Sea floor off the coast of the Bahamas
Weight                      :      60 tons (54431 kgs)


The art was made by Jason deCaires Taylor, who put 500 life-sized statues below the surface of water nearly 9 to 20 ft (2 to 6 m), surrounding to the Cancun Island in Mexico.


The biggest statue that ever to be arranged underwater, it reaches from the ocean floor five meters below the surface. The full weight of the sculpture is 60 tones meant that the man had to be worked in sections and ultimately assembled in the seafloor.

Executive director of BREEF is Casuarina McKinney-Lambert states “The coral reef sculpture garden can go a new environment, friendly tourist place and local attraction for the Bahamas once complete.”


BREEF (Bahamas Reef Environment Educational Foundation) was founded in 1993 by the late Sir Nicholas Nuttall to focus on the learning of Bahamian teachers about the atmosphere and to address mounting fears about the state of The Bahamas’ marine environment.

They stated “Everything is a hundred times harder in the ocean and getting precision parts together underwater was a vast challenge, “and also added “The technique I applied to incorporate digital and a CNC routed mold which had never been acted before in a marine environment, and then it was the first time and quite nerve wracking.”