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Drivers started to play cricket underwater in Sydney Aquarium

Everyone knows about cricket, this game is played in stadiums, playgrounds and lanes. But the Australian divers Alicia Lloyd and Amanda Elze in the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium started to play cricket underwater with exotic fishes and Sharks.

Lloyd and Elzer were wearing the team jerseys of Australia and Sri Lanka, ahead of the Cricket World Cup match between the two countries on March 8, 2015 (Sunday).


12 unrecovered planes-underwater

Planes that are enclosed by water in different areas that are listed below

Date of crash Flight No. Airlines Type of the plane Reputed Location
08-03-2014 MH370 Malaysia Airlines Boeing 727-22 South Indian Ocean
18-11-2009 2009 Pel-Air IAI 1124A Westwind II Norfolk Island
04-10-2001 1812 Siberia Airlines Tupolev Tu-154 Black Sea
03-07-1988 655 Iran Air Airbus 300 Strait of Hormuz, Persian Gulf
29-11-1987 858 Korean Air Boeing 707-3B5C Andaman Sea
28-11-1987 295 South African Airways Boeing 747-244B Combi Indian Ocean (near Mauritius)
30-01-1979 Cargo Varig aircraft PP-VLU Boeing 707-323C Pacific Ocean (East Northeast from Tokyo, Japan)
30-09-1975 240 Malév Tupolev Tu-154 Mediterranean Sea (near Beirut, Lebanon)
22-07-1973 816 Pan American World Airways Boeing 707-321B Pacific Ocean (Papeete Tahiti)
02-05-1970 980 ALM Douglas DC-9-33CF Caribbean Sea
16-08-1965 389 United Airlines Boeing 777-2H6ER Lake Michigan