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AirAsia Flight QZ8501: Fuselage found at the bottom of the Java Sea

Indonesia AirAsia Flight QZ8501 carried 162 peoples with the crew are died, due to the bad weather pilots lost their contact with air traffic control.

And finally the plane crashed; so far they found 53 dead bodies, which 45 members have been identified.


With help of a military vessel, crews found the fuselage of the AirAsia plane at the bottom of the Java Sea, these photos taken by the search robot and also the slogan of the AirAsia plane “Now everyone can fly” (on one side of the plane).


Investigators are examining the black boxes i.e., data recorders between pilots, crew and air traffic control.

After 72 years – They found the battle plane underwater

With the help of the mini-submarine six members of the marine technology department at a Norwegian University of Science and Technology, found the wreckage of a British Halifax bomber shot down during a raid on April 28, 1942, to sink the German battleship Tirpitz.

The heavy bomber was located underwater about 600ft in a Norwegian fjord, but they were unable to find the serial number of aircraft and it is likely to be Halifax W7656.


The sunken plane will be protected as a war grave because of the chances of the two airmen still being on the board.
The port wing was damaged during the war and caught fire at 4,000ft, causing the aircraft lost the balance and the pilot was forced to ditch in the fjord.

In all, twenty-three Halifax’s and eleven Lancaster’s took part in the battle, two being shot down by German anti-aircraft defense.


Martin Ludvigsen is a Professor of the marine technology department at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology stated that “It was a edifice company which found the plane at first. They didn’t realize that it was there or what it was. We went to the place and used a remote controlled underwater vehicle which dived to 180 meters.”

“It was pretty exciting. We could see from the images that it was the Halifax and was in good condition. We realized it might be a British war grave and were very careful and deferential. There were loud cheers when we discovered the British plane,” he said.