Category: Kinds of underwater mammals

Different Types of Dolphins in Marine and River

There are 30 marine dolphins and 4 river dolphins; commonly they are in salt water like oceans and some are live in freshwaters.

Diet: Habitually fish and squid.

Marine Dolphins
Clymene Striped Rough-toothed
Pantropical spotted Costero Long-beaked common
Short-beaked common Tucuxi Chilean
Hector’s Chinese white Atlantic spotted
Heaviside’s Spinner Fraser’s
Indian ocean bottlenose Commerson’s Bottlenose
Southern rightwhale dolphin Northern rightwhale dolphin Dusky
Peale’s Risso’s Hourglass
Australian snubfin Franciscana Rrawaddy
Atlantic white-sided Pacific white-sided White-beaked
River dolphins
Indus River Ganges River Amazon River
Yangtzee River

What are the types of underwater seals?

Seals are extremely intelligent animals and they have been applied in a variety of preservation plans such as those at Sea World. They have been known to attack or to bite humans that come overly near to them, to protect themselves.

  • Elephant Seal
  • Gray Seal
  • Leopard Seal
  • Mediterranean Monk Seal
  • Bearded Seal
  • Hawaiian monk seal
  • Ringed seals
  • Ribbon seal
  • Harp seals
  • Hooded seals
  • Spotted Seal
  • Crabeater Seals
  • Ross seals
  • Weddell seals
  • Harbor seals
  • Northern elephant seals
  • Southern elephant seals
  • Antarctic fur seal
  • Caspian Seal
  • Arctic ice seal
  • Baikal Seal

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