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First Underwater Camera Developed by Louis Boutan

Louis Boutan is a French scientist who took the first underwater photo in 1893.He took a picture at 45 m depth of the ocean. After more experimentation he made underwater camera called as zero-pressure underwater camera. This is the world’s first underwater camera.

Experimentation of underwater camera:

In 1893 he took pictures by the zero pressure underwater cameras with the compressed air bladder. The frame size of this camera is 5×7” and the exposure time is 30 minutes. Again boutan experiment his camera for flash photography under the water. But it required oxygen; typically utilizing burning magnesium or a mixture of magnesium. At this time, one of the electrical engineers created a bulb with magnesium ribbon. The bulb was fully filled with pure oxygen and magnesium ribbon was lit using an electric current. But this experiment is failing, because the burning magnesium led makes a heavy smoke and the image becomes dim and also the bulb make lots of heat.First-camera

After the failure of first bulb, he created a new flashbulb by the help of his assistant. He used new rubber bulb that blew the magnesium powder into the alcohol lamp and all are attached in wooden barrel. After from that short period he developed more reliable, compact and adjustable camera. The size, flashes, camera boxes and lenses are more reliable. In addition to easier maneuverability of the camera, he used a system of dual carbon-arc lamps. His formula is still used today for large cameras in shallow water.

Electric Eel (Electrophorus Electricus)

Electric eel is one of the types of fish that is live in shallow, muddy and fresh water. But, it is not an exact eel it is a type of catfish. They are mostly found in South America’s Amazon and Orinoco rivers.

Scientific classification of Electric Eels

  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Chordata
  • Class: Actinopterygii
  • Order: Gymnotiformes
  • Family: Gymnotidae
  • Genus: Electrophorus

Electric eel can grow up to 2.5 m long and weight up to 20 kg. They occur away from the mud and shallow water surface for every 10 minutes because to breathe atmospheric air.

Specialty of Electric Eel

The Special thing about the electric eel is they can produce electricity nearly 370 volts to 600 volts. The 80% of organs in their body holds a position for making electricity. This is used for both their prey and prevent from its predators. It has poor eyesight, so they spend up to 10 volt electricity for searching their prey.

The other special things of electric eel are their breeding behavior. It is happening in dry season, a male eel create a nest by his saliva and the female eel lays her eggs in that nest. More than 17000 eels are come out from the eggs in one nest. It can live around 15 to 22 years.