Category: Deep sea habitat on dry land

Negatively impacting the sea could also bear on the way our climate responds

And yet rapidly advancing technology puts these deep seas at risk as they’re worked and cause negative impact to the world climate. Scientist found that more precaution is required when it adds up to development.

Andrew Thurber (lead author of the new study) said that “The deep sea is the largest habitat on Earth, it is unbelievably important to mankind and it is facing a variety of stresses from increased human exploitation to impacts from climate change.”

The deep sea acts as a regulator for many vital operations that affect Earth’s climate, it can serve as a “drop” for greenhouse gases and helps offset the rising burden of carbon dioxide in the air. In increase, pollution and mining could also impact the mysterious ocean.

Andrew stated that “What became clear as we put together this synopsis is that there is immense potential for future resources, but we already benefit greatly through this environment.”