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Crocodile dragged the victim underwater and killed at Lake Panic in Kruger National Park

A 29 year-old Golf player Jacques van der Sandt killed by a crocodile of 12ft at Lake Panic, this incident was happened on Wednesday.

A spokesman Warrant Officer Oubaas Coetzer stated “He was with a friend and the two men had a contest to see who could get the number of golf balls from the water at the golf club’s number nine hole. Van der Sandt entered the water at a bridge at the Skukuza Golf Club house’s signature hole in number nine.”


Don English is a Regional ranger said that he got a call from an unknown person around 22:00 p.m. that someone was taken by a crocodile at the Lake Panic Dam in the golf course area -number nine-hole.

They reached the place and searching the dam for over 2 hours and finally spotted the animal at about 04:00 am the next morning. They killed the crocodile in the hopes of finding Van der Sandt’s corpse, but were failing to rescue the person.

Dr Freek Venter, who is the general manager of conservation management in KNP, said “It is an unfortunate incident where a promising life was cut short; our commiserations go out to the family and friends of the victim.”

I Am A Celebrity’s – Jimmy Bullard Faces Underwater Creatures

Jimmy Bullard is an English former footballer who played as a midfielder, who retired two years ago. He has yelled his way through the first Bushtucker Trial in this year’s I’m A Celebrity series. Bullard came face to face with water dragons, water pythons and eels in an underwater tunnel dubbed the Tunnel of fear. Along the way, he snatched four stars out of six stars which could win meals for him and the other celebrities.


The trial got off to a bad start when Bullard yelled when he dipped his foot into the water tunnel – before he had even laid eyes on what was inside. During the challenge, hosts Ant and Dec collapsed into fits of sniggers as Bullard cringed, yelled and swore. The first of a series of underwater boxes not much filled with different creatures, he yelled to Ant and Dec: “What is that man, Jesus Christ?”


After they told that the box contained with water dragons, Bullard said “You’ve got to be kidding me.” As water python slither towards him, Bullard yelled and shouting towards snake: “Get out of it bruv, get out of it will ya.” After ten minutes inside the tunnel, his time was up and Bullard was freed, he came out from the tunnel with fear and laughing. While seeing Bullard, Ant stated that “Let’s get him out of there before he has a heart attack.”

Afterwards, a soaking wet Bullard told the hosts “You two are just crying” and also added “I’ll take four stars and run and they’ll just have to live with it.” “Proper shaken up I was, like never before seen.” Said by Bullard to his campmates that how he felt after the trial. Ant expressed his feelings after the trail by saying “Brilliant trial, I haven’t laughed so much in ages.”