A new submarine: DeepFlight Dragon – Deep Sea explorer

Bounding on a seaplane and surveying the wild blue yonder isn’t closely an impossible feat anymore. To explore the ocean’s depths a new mission called DeepFlight, a submarine company bent on bringing high-performance and the sensation of flight in the submersible world.

The company was established in 1996 by renowned sea engineer and part-time Bond villain Graham Hawkes. Since the company’s origin, he has assembled five generations of submersibles. The Company introduced a new submarine called The Dragon.

Deep Flight Dragon

The weight of the DeepFlight Dragon is 1814 kg and measuring just over 16 ft long. The Dragon will be both easier and smaller than Deep Flight’s current offering, the $1.7 million Super Falcon Mark II. It can dive up to close to 400 feet deep and sail at speeds of 740km/h with two crew members in tow.

The sub packs on four brushless DC thrusters in addition to its electric drive motor, underwater lithium battery to enable the ability to hover silently and negotiate complex underwater obstacles. DeepFlight estimates run-times of roughly six hours between charges. Absence of Winglets, which in turn pulls the positively buoyant sub down. Since the sub naturally stays buoyant, it will always float to the surface if something does go wrong.

DeepFlight is currently accepting orders on the upcoming Dragon at $1.2 million a pop (later to be $1.5 million), which we’ll admit is quite a lump of change.

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