A new electric device – Collect data on the marine ecosystem and its inhabitants

American and Canadian scientist ready to establish a new underwater vehicle around the Scotian shelf, to track down one of the world’s most threatened marine mammals and read more around their home grounds.

Chris Taggart is a professor in the Oceanography Department at Dalhousie University in Halifax, said that “We’re starting to put the eyes and ears into the water and go looking for those missing whales and their habitats”.

The primary aim of this project is to protect them from their greatest threats, such as ship strikes and entanglements in fishing gear.

In summer, right whales in North Atlantic are known to travel in the Bay of Fundy to feed with their calves. Most recognize the long trek from their breeding grounds offs Florida and Georgia. They are likewise known to accumulate in the Roseway Basin off Nova Scotia’s south coast.

Moira Brown (senior scientist in New England Aquarium) stated that they experienced the lowest act of right whales in the bay last year and need to figure out where the whales might be functioning so they can add protections, like alerting ships or rerouting shipping lanes

Moria said, “If right whales are changing their distribution, our greatest challenge is going to be (determining) where they aggregate. With the avail of this vehicle, we can alert the ship by sending the messages that whales are there, be deliberate.”

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