Month: February 2015

An Australian man Attacked By Two Great White Sharks and lost his arm and hand, now he still alive

Last year in October, an Australian man of 23-years-old Sean Pollard went to the beach (near to the Esperance in Western Australia) with his girlfriend Claire Oakford.

Pollard says, while surfing that he felt a strong bump by the shark.


He said, “I spun around to try and face it. It just moved so quickly. That’s when it comes up out of the water; I didn’t even see its teeth. It took me like across, and its eye was right there in front of me. Its eye was the blackest black I’d ever seen, and that’s just a vision that’s burnt into my mind. I can’t get it out, just this cover going over its eye as it bit down on me.”

A 23 year old man says that his forearm was ripped by the shark.

He stated that his arm was in the mouth of the shark.

“I popped up and that’s when I got bumped from behind – Another shark”

“I was kicking my legs as fast as I could, mate,” he said.

He stated that the wave carried him away from the shark attack.

Pollard says, he feels happy for still alive.

His girl friend Claire Oakford says that she was watching entire attack in shock.

He injured badly and losing a huge amount of blood, with the help of emergency he travelled over 700kms from the remote beach to the Royal Perth Hospital. His injuries required months of therapy.

Doctors shocked about John heart’s that started again, after his mother PRAYED over him in the trauma room

Two weeks ago, John Smith and two of his friends went to the frozen lake at Sainte Louise in Missouri to take pictures. Suddenly the three teens felt underwater, one of teens balanced to swim back to shore while another clung to the ice, but the other person named John Smith was submerged for more than 15 minutes at a temperature of 40-degree Fahrenheit.


With the help of paramedics John arrived on the dry land and taken to SSM St. Joseph Hospital West. KSDK reported that he shows unresponsive and did not have a pulse for nearly 45 minutes. The cold changed his body and was dead for 45 minutes, said Dr. Kent Suttere.

Left side:Joyce Smith, who wear glasses

The mother of John, Joyce Smith entered into the trauma room and started praying loudly, said by Dr. Sutterer.

Joyce Smith said to the KDSK reporter, “I don’t remember what all I said, but I remember, ‘Holy God, please send your Holy Spirit to save my son. I want my son, please save him.’”

According to the KDSK report, Dr. Sutterer said “Within a matter of a minute or two, his heart started again.”

Another doctor named Jeremy Garrett, who also worked on John, said “It’s a bonafide miracle.”

John says “I’m surprised I’m alive , but it’s a real miracle that I’m alive, and I thank God I’m alive, and there’s a reason I’m alive, so I’m just going to kind of follow what God has in store for me throughout my life.”

John suffers with cough; he’s getting the treatment of physical therapy that helps the movement of the hand. Doctors said, he can leave by the end of the week.