Month: November 2014

Japan Releases Future Plan – Ocean Spirals – Underwater City

A Japanese construction company – Shimizu Corporation planned to construct a city underwater of $26 billion, which can hold up to 5,000 people. The underwater city will be contained inside a giant sphere and house developments where citizens can live and also spend their time off.


The city will float on the surface of the water because it takes the advantage of sunlight but residents will be able to travel down a 14-kilometre spiral path when bad weather hits. The Ocean Spiral venture envisages using huge spirals to connect each waterproof residential sphere to the ocean floor, where it would generate power in the form of methane-producing micro-organism factories.


Other uncommon materials from the earth could also be mined from the seabed, and transportation to get down there would come in the form of spheres travelling along the length of the spiral.

Hideo Imamura is a spokesman for the company Shimizu, told to the Guardian: “This is a real goal, not a pipe dream. The Astro Boy cartoon character had a mobile phone long before they were actually invented – in the same way, the technology and know how we need for this project will become available.” Company Shimizu said “if the project gets the green light, the city could be in place by 2030.”

Underwater Wedding Between Teacher and Diver

Dorota Bankowska is a professional diver married to James Abbott who is a teacher in her home town of Plock in Poland. These couples decided to take vows in a big tank filled with seawater of 1.5 million liter and has a depth of over 300ft. Normally this tank is used for underwater training and testing new equipment.


Nearly 100 members attended to watch “Dorota weds James” at the world renowned centre’s onshore seawater tank. Ali McLeod is a training manager for The Underwater Centre’s air diver. He officiated at the ceremony, some are selected for bride and groom and they included the maidens of honor, best man and marriage conductor for the ceremony itself while the others are waited above water level.


Kirby Morgans is an advanced communication helmets used by drivers, the centre staff arranged the sound system so that the wedding guests could hear what was being said underwater.

Dorota said that “We had the traditional service with my family in Poland last month. I wanted to do something not so traditional. I joked about it with work colleagues in the centre and then I forgot about it. But a few weeks later they said they had arranged it,” and she also added with a joy “It’s great that my friends and family will be able to get a better idea of what my job is really like, and the surroundings I work in. I think we will go to the mountains for a change.”