Month: September 2014

2014 Great Ohio River Swim: Sponsored by Green Umbrella

There were 171 male and female swimmers taking part in the 900 meter swim from the Serpentine Wall to the Kentucky coast and back to the Public Landing. Water temperature was around 74 degrees with a mild current.

171 swimmers

Volunteer paddlers from Tristate Kayak Meet Up Group and Cincy Paddlers rejoice a successful Great Ohio River Swim on Sunday forenoon.

Swimmers taken their positions

Jacob Rocheleau (Left side) comes across the finish line in first position in the Great Ohio River Swim Sunday morning. And he has taken a time to reach the line is 10:18, it was a new record.

Jacob Savard (Right side) ended third in the men’s division in the Great Ohio River Swim; his time was 11:35. He was listed in the 16-19 partition. He finished fourth overall 171 swimmers.

Taylor Contino was the first female swimmer across the goal line for the Great Ohio River Swim and her time was 11:16. She was third overall and was listed in the 15 and under class.

K-Observer: Scour monitoring around undersea structures

A new technology called K-Observer system which is the part of Kongsberg Maritime’s Modular Subsea Monitoring Network (MSM) that provides accurate, remote hydro acoustic 3D monitoring.

K-Observer accurately scans and interprets the shape of the seabed close to the foundation of the structure (scouring and sediment displacement), as well as the province of the base itself (deformation, marine growth and corrosion) so experts on shore can initiate immediate action or preventative care if needed. Kongsberg argues that this is a comparably low cost, secure and time effective method of monitoring and detection compared to i.e. diver surveys.

The K – Observer is an advanced system that not only monitors and watches over the depth of the sea floor around each wind turbine or subsea structure, also provides insight regarding the current state of the substructure itself (deformation, marine growth and erosion).

The K – Observer is a mannequin of the Modular Subsea Monitoring Network system launched by Kongsberg Maritime at Oceanology International 2014 in March.

Kongsberg Maritime is a global marine technology company offering modern and dependable engineering solutions for all maritime industry sectors including merchant, offshore, subsea and naval. Headquartered in Kongsberg, Norway, the company has manufacturing, gross revenue and services in 17 nations.