Month: November 2011

Swell Shark-Recently Discovered Species

The new species was discovered on a latest voyage to the Philippines and this species is named as deep-sea swell shark.

It was named as swell shark since it can swell up water and frighten predators. These species also found in the pacific and Indian ocean, according the scientist who made researches about this species.

Biologists spent 42 days on and around Philippines and found many more new species rather than swell shark.

While many of the species yet to be confirmed as new deep sea creatures using DNA or microscopes. The biologist’s team is confident that approximately 300 species are new to science.

Three new species spotted in depth of Atlantic Ocean

Three new colorful species was found under the depth of Atlantic Ocean and named as Torquaratoridae –the family of acorn worms. These worms can slowly move beside the sea floor for their food which has fallen from the surface of the sea floor.

These species have no eyes or tail and were found by scientists of Aberdeen’s Oceanlab University during their trip to the Atlantic Ocean.

The new detection of small species might change the life of deep sea and also the life of evolution on the earth. New technology and advanced vehicles are helping to find new deep sea creatures day by day, the professor of Oceanlab university said.

Acorn worms are known as a scientific inquisitiveness, not noticeable holing animals that are linked to the intimates of back boned species.

They are apparent as an evolutionary deceased end, having been exceeded by their cousins; the fishes which obtain tails became fast swimmers, occupied the oceans and gave rise to reptiles, mammals and birds.