Month: September 2011

Frightening Sea Critter found

A underwater explore the ocean’s lowest point lately return with an unexpected visitor: a crablike critter that has left many readers startled and horrified.

It measures a wee bit over 2.5 feet head to tail, and we expect it latched onto the ROV at roughly 8,500 feet depth.

This sea creature to be a giant isopod, a large crustacean that dwells in deep Atlantic and Pacific waters. This particular creature is a Bathynomus giganteus, a deep-sea scavenger that feeds on dead whales, fish and squid.

Piranhas frightening Brazil

Authorities in a state in Brazil’s northeast are scrambling to get the fright and the sink your teeth into off the beach after piranhas sunk their teeth into about 100 beachgoers, UOL Noticias report.

The trouble quite frightening given piranhas horror-movie teeth and aptitude to sink them into human flesh — has been the main at the main beach >area in Piaui state; authorities said they need to act fast to reduce a piranha overpopulation circumstances.

Last weekend, at least 100 bathers were treated at the hospital in Jose de Freitas not far from Terezina, Piaui’s capital, after being bitten on the heels or toes at the local beach.

“Since they have no predators, piranhas have in progress attacking people on the beach,” said Romildo Mafra, a local environment official.Ecological official so far have additional tilapia to the piranhas’ local food chain hoping to quell some of the predators’ hunger.