Month: February 2011

Snail Fish

Snailfish or Sea snail is world’s deepest living fish. Any of concerning 115 types of sea fish often located with the lumpsuckers in the family Cyclopteridae, but sometimes alienated as a separate family, Liparidae (order Scorpaeniformes). Snailfish are tiny, rising to a maximum length of about 30 centimetres (12 inches). They are lengthened, soft, tadpole-shaped fish with slack and scaleless, although sometimes spiky, skins. There is a long dorsal fin on the back and typically a sucking disk under the head. The disk is shaped from the pelvic fins and is used for add-on to the base. Snailfish live in complete darkness.

Snailfish can be found in cold water – in the North Atlantic and North Pacific and the Arctic and Antarctic seas. Some snailfish can be found in shore waters – North Atlantic. Others, like pink-coloured types of the genus Careproctus, live in the deep sea.

Zebra Shark

zebra-sharkThe zebra shark is a type of carpet shark and the only member of the family Stegostomatidae.

Common Names: Zebra shark, Leopard shark.

Colors : Now, it only has yellow and black stripes; older zebra sharks have dark brown spotting

Diet: Zebra sharks mainly eat on reef mollusks and crustaceans. It also eats small fishes. This Zebra sharks have very flexible body allows it to squirm into narrow crevices and reef channels in look for of food.

Size: The maximum reported size of Zebra shark is nearly 12 feet (3.6 m), while lengths of less than 7½ feet (2.3 m) are more frequent.

Range: Zebra sharks are mainly found in the region of near-shore reefs of the western Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean, and the Red Sea.

Teeth: Zebra sharks teeth are very pointed